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XMY Co. ltd - the engineering company trademark MATRIX COMPOSITE™   for twelve years, designs, manufactures and installs production lines for production of insulating materials based on molten rock (rock wool). Our company employs highly skilled engineers and specialists are able to produce equipment complying with the most modern international standards and technologies.

Analytical Center of the company, together with the design office continuously monitors the world's technological innovations. The most advanced achievements in the field of structural materials, mechanics, chemistry, energy-saving technologies incorporated into the production of our equipment thereby reducing production costs and improving productivity.

Technological developments in our research center are protected by international patentami. Nasha main production base is located in the People's Republic of Jhansi province city Nanking. Engineering design and operational offices are located in Moscow.

All the equipment produced by our company is quality control of outgoing Russian engineers are working in China and conform to the technical and sanitary standards of Russia.


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