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Quality control in a chemical analytical laboratory

The chemical analytical laboratory performs all types of chemical analyzes. Modern laboratory equipment allows for the most complex research.
Research results are highly accurate

Chemical components for the manufacture of composite materials

 We supply chemical components for the Russian industry: oil refining, pulp and paper, plastics and plastics, metallurgy, household chemicals, special chemicals, building materials components, paint and varnish industry, emulsions, adhesives and solvents.

Refractory materials

 We supply refractory materials from China for various purposes.
Glass production, mineral wool production, metallurgical industry, blacksmith production. We carry out a range of work on the overhaul of furnaces.
Oven restoration. Gas, oil, glass, furnaces for the production of molten stone.

Rockwool equipment

XMY, an engineering company under the brand name MATRIX-COMPOSITE ™, has been developing, manufacturing and installing production lines for the production of insulation materials based on molten rock (mineral wool) for twelve years. Our company employs highly qualified engineers, and specialists are able to produce equipment that meets the most modern international standards and technologies.

Industrial chemical equipment

We offer stainless steel chemical equipment. Extensive experience in the production of chemical equipment allows us to produce high quality products.
According to your terms of reference, we will manufacture equipment of a high level of complexity and excellent quality.
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