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Quality control in the chemical analytical laboratory

Chemical analytical laboratory performs research into the nature of matter. Modern laboratory equipment allows the study of any level of complexity. Result analysis has high accuracy and quality.

Chemical components for the manufacture of composite materials

Delivery of chemical components for the industry: oil refining, pulp and paper, plastics and plastics, metallurgy, household chemicals, specialty chemicals, construction materials, paints industry, emulsion adhesives and solvents.

Refractory materials

Chinese exports of refractory materials. Glassmaking production, rockwool production, metallurgy, forging production. We carry a full range of overhaul and restoration smelters. gas, fuel oil, of glass, heating furnaces.

Rockwool Equipment

XMY - the engineering company trademark MATRIX-COMPOSITE™ for twelve years, designs, manufactures and installs production lines for production of insulating materials based on molten rock (rock wool). Our company employs highly skilled engineers and specialists are able to produce equipment complying with the most modern international standards and technologies.

Industrial chemical equipment

We offer chemical stainless steel equipment for various industries. We have more experience in the production of chemical equipment. Our factory is equipped with modern complexes of metal processing, heat treatment of structural materials, metal welding. According to your technical tasks we perform complex tasks with high quality.
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